This tends to be the most expensive facial. Its deeper exfoliation process can be considered a rough equivalent of a couple microdermabrasion treatments. This facial can be effective for people with skin problems such as acne and sun damage. It also can aid in reducing fine lines and minimizing large pores. Typically, a consultation is recommended to see if skin would benefit from a chemical peel. These are very strong, and will leave you red and dry for days while your skin peels leaving way for fresh new skin.


• diminishes fine lines and wrinkles
• reduces the appearance of sun damage and melasma
• improves skin texture due to new skin cell growth
• one of the fastest routes to a brighter, glowing, vibrant skin
• helps reduce the effects of acne on the skin and even minimizes blemishes themselves
• enhances collagen growth resulting in younger looking, healthy skin
• improved texture of the skin
• fast with minimal downtime
• minimal cost unlike what you would spend on anti-aging products
• confidence booster due to your smooth glowing complexion
starts at 125.00 and up to 300.00