Give your skin a break from the aggressions of the sun, urban life and pollution, with a regular facial treatment. It usually starts with a deep cleansing of the skin to getrid of the toxins, followed by exfoliation to strip away dead cells, then a mask specific to your skin and treatment, finally a gentle face massage to stimulate the blood flow and cream hydratation to nourish your skin.


• reduces back acne, skin bumps and pustules
• helps with pimples and zits that arise from exercising and eating the wrong foods
• removes impurities and imperfections from beneath the skins surface
• hydrates and restores nutrients back to the skin
• cleans the areas of the back that you can not get to on your own
• great treatment to have done before wearing the dress that opens in the back or bikini season
Ranging from $69.00 to $169.00